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Come segnalato da Niubbo75 nel Blog ufficiale di Mandriva è apparso questo messaggio

A conversation with the community
Posted on May 31, 2012 by Charles Schulz

As Mandriva is entering a new phase in its history it has started an important conversation with the community about the future of the Mandriva Linux distribution, its governance and its goals.

My name is Charles-H. Schulz, you may know me from other Free & Open Source Software projects, and I will be assisting Mandriva and its community in defining our future and how best we will serve the interests of the community, of software freedom, and of Mandriva SA. I am humbled by this task and the trust that has been bestowed upon me. After all, my first job was at MandrakeSoft years ago, before the company became Mandriva. I look forward working with all of you and I’m open to constructive suggestions and ideas. You can contact me at cschulz AT mandriva DOT com and follow my other (personal) blog here.

Stay tuned!

In pratica Charles-H. Schulz, esponente di LibreOffice, è stato incaricato da Mandriva S.A. di dare una mano a risolvere i nodi derivanti dalla liberazione della distro Mandriva.

Anche il messaggio apparso nel suo BLOG personale

I usually avoid to talk much about my day job and what my company is working on, but I will make an exception for this one. Starting today, I will be assisting Mandriva in its Open Source strategy and its relations with the community.

Mandriva has had rough times lately, but things have improved recently and a few important decisions have been made concerning the overall corporate strategy of Mandriva and its role with respect to the Mandriva Linux distribution and its standing within the broader community. Specifically, the conversation on the future of Mandriva Linux as a distribution, the goals and expectations of its community needs to start. In many ways, it is a discussion that has been delayed, but a conversation that is worth having.

I look forward helping it in any way I can, and I am confident Mandriva as a company and Mandriva Linux as a distribution and as a community will come out of this process stronger and and healthier. You can from now on write me at community AT mandriva DOT com .

La strada è ancora lunga però sicuramente questo è un primo passo molto positivo che contribuisce a rasserenare gli animi e si spera, a riaccendere vecchie passioni sopite da anni di sofferenze.

Ciao Ciao, Moreno

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